Feb 052014
Hiring Java Developers

The appetite for quality exists everywhere, and in just about everyone. Whether it is buying vegetables from a local vendor, or ordering a suit online, for that matter, investing in the software application development services, we are not willing to settle for anything that’s close to ordinary or less than extraordinary. And when it comes to Java, the exigency and reliance on quality escalates to a whole new level.


Java is an elaborative software platform that facilitates development of applications ranging from small to very large scales. It has been close to 2 decades, but the buzz around Java does not see a meltdown, simply for the fact that the Java frameworks have kept reinventing and remodeling themselves. The rising completion from the close quarters has meant that the people behind this technology haven’t been complacent and have constantly kept the innovation wheel running. The highly productive pace at which this programming platform is making inroads articulates the vital reasons that make this platform what it is today.

What are the Reasons for Incongruities that Keep Cropping Up

But all said and done, things have also headed for south for a variety of reasons. Java, being as popular as it is, invites millions of students to aspire a career in software development. While there is no dearth of those costly training centers (and of course the faculties at colleges) one can’t be sure how many out of 100 under-training personnel would pan out as reliably talented developers. The problem of plenty might exist when a company is looking for developers, but if we separate the quality developers from the average ones, the ‘plenty’ reduces to a fairly discouraging proportion.

However, the problem of hiring average developers is rampant. This not only leads to the development of low quality projects, but also the rate at which people lose their jobs because their employer is pleased with their performance goes up considerably. This begs the question, why hire them in the first place? Why can’t we simply have an organized human resource department in our organizations that knows how to scan the candidates and differentiate cobs from grain?

The Algorithms for Recruiting People Need To Change

The wall-to-wall tapestry of hiring Java personnel is complex enough, and with the ever-growing number of people with Java certificates to show-off, making a choice has become one arduous task (come on, let’s be fair to recruiters). But there is a way to not get embroiled into this compounded state of affairs by following the unconventional way of finding and recruiting Java developers. To prevent your software projects from bouncing off the walls, you need to look for ways who know how to give your projects a


sense of structure, and how to fuel them up for better outputs.


The Java ambit, as stated above, is swarmed by developers. So, instead of calling them out to your enterprise for interviews and tests, why not you be the one who goes to them. Tracing the archetypal arc to hire programmers and advertising vacancies on job portals will lead to you being assailed by the applications. Nitpicking the ones that truly suit your requirements is an exercise susceptible to mistakes, not to mention over-elaborative and exhaustive. Your advertisement may be on a daily which gets delivered to people’s homes or on the online job sites that more or less every job seeker has his profiles on. Either way, you won’t complain about lack of people turning up, because that possibility is one in a billion.

While you elicit responses unbridled from these conventional ways, the final choice you make may fall well short of expectations.

What You Need to Do – Show Courage of Conviction


So, instead of relying on the tried-and-true methods of hiring programmers, you can instead think out of the box and break the shackles of emblematic ways of scouting talent. And when I said that you be the one who goes to them, I mean you break the norms and convey to the developers that you need them as much as they need you. There isn’t a shame in admitting that.

Resort to the Java communities that exist online and comprises of programmers who are at the top of their game. These communities are populated by all and sundry – the novices and the Java developers who have years of experience and unmatched expertise to boast of. While their portfolios on these sites serve as their resumes and give you a fair idea about them as professionals and what they have achieved in the career as a developer, sorting through the site can tell you things which aren’t mentioned in these portfolios and resumes. The communities are full of questions asked by the non-programmers and the beginners. The questions are more often than not answered by people who have explored the Java territory to the fullest. You can pick certain people from there and conduct all the mumbo-jumbo recruitment tests with them. This approach arguably gives you a greater assurance o the quality front, and more importantly, saves you a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been spent on the extensive hiring procedures.

All said, one alternative to everything we touched upon till now is outsourcing. Outsource Java development to a company offshore if you find reliable sources to swear by their quality standards. There is no lack of incentives to outsourcing. It is not just the currency differences that subtract the ‘cost’ from ‘total price’, but also the fact that you do not have to buy the expensive equipments necessary for software businesses.

Whether you zero in on a programmer by your own codes or opt for outsourcing instead, there are rules charted down for your consideration. Getting your hand at the right talent is a mix of uncorked path-breaking procedures and perseverance. Irrespective of how to choose the people on your payroll, patience plays a key role and anchors your decision to the point of sure or wobbly footing.

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